In an increasingly digitalized world, the level of sensitivity and importance of our data is gradually increasing. These data are tried to be protected both in accordance with laws and regulations and in accordance with some standards.

In order to protect the data, it is necessary to classify them according to their importance. Veriket; It offers an effective solution for labeling your digital data. You can tag your e-mails, office documents, Pdf documents and picture/video files at the desired level and color them in order to increase awareness.

You may need different hierarchical units and different classification groups and policies in your organizational structure. Veriket supports group-based classification. You can also set your policies on a group-based basis.

For example, while constructing a special structure for your R&D unit, you can construct a separate structure for your other units. Thus, you can create more sensitive policies for your R&D unit and produce special solutions for your sensitive data here.

In this way, you can manage unlimitedly different groups.