Email is the primary communication tool in all organizations. It is also a source of information. In this context, according to the data announced by the leading organizations in the world, data leaks are One of the most important reasons is human behavior. Email usage is also the most critical is one of the systems. Veriket Email Classifier to Microsoft Outlook users in this context, it increases awareness by making them pay attention. Messages, images and metadata By tagging it, it prevents sensitive data from being sent incorrectly. Develops buyer and security awareness. This ensures organizations not only comply with data protection, but also ensures compliance with industry regulations and increases the return on other security investments.

Protects critical data, improves data control and reduces risk.

We integrate with strong data security and governance ecosystems.

We offer advanced and modern business performance.

We are a “safe business partner” that achieves continuous success.


  • Makes Users part of Security
  • Increases User Awareness
  • Increases the effectiveness of Security Policies
  • Provides/directs infrastructure to Security Solutions
  • Allows analysis with statistical data
Ready Grade Level
Active Policy

Endpoint Protection

Use classification options to trigger protection. Working with Microsoft Azure Information Protection (Rights Management) policy or S / MIME encryption invocation and digital signing constructs, it helps the consistent use of these technologies and provides permanent protection.

Increasing the Effectiveness of Data Loss Prevention Practices (DLP)

To increase the accuracy of DLP; It supports with classified meta data, increases the effectiveness of security projects. It produces healthy results by minimizing the rate of False Positive records.

Increases User Awareness

Visual Marking

Visual cues are applied to the Outlook message content. In the Outlook message, you can select or Indicator in the form of a frame in order to increase the visibility of the label in line with your policies plays a role.

Metadata Markup

Classifications save as metadata marks within meta Classifications. Other security technologies can easily use this data. Such as Digital Rights Management, encryption, and DLP.

Attached Files

It scans your attached files in accordance with your policies, making your message and attached documents compatible with security levels.

Veriket Office

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Microsoft Outlook

Veriket Office OUTLOOK classifier ribbon

Office Outlook


Increases the Effectiveness of Security Policies

Due to security policies, you can require your users to classify some or all emails. Or you can automatically enforce your policies. You can warn when the user selects an unsuitable tag and force them to make the right choice.

Enforces Policy

It makes the user’s classification of each message compatible with data classification policies without leaving it at his own discretion. You can use message classification to control who can send messages to whom, and configure classification permissions based on specific users, internal groups, or external domain structures.

Email Sınıflandırma

Audit and Reporting

It records classification events to support auditing and monitors user behavior in line with management reporting requirements. provides statistical metrics to better analyze and improve security policies.