Advanced Classification Reporting

With the Dataket Reporting interface, you can monitor and report classification events and handling of classified data as information security becomes more people-oriented.

Dataket Reporting provides vital information for management and compliance teams and provides more advanced analysis of user behavior. It also offers integration options with a wide variety of 3rd party analytics tools, including SIEM, Business Intelligence, and advanced predictive analytics to give you high-level insight and inform your security strategy.

Reporting by Scope

Reporting by Classification Level

Policy Analysis

User Behavior Analysis

Statistical Data

Show your classification values to your compliance and management teams

Veriket Reporting helps you demonstrate out-of-the-box value with helpful dashboard views and reports that show the full solution value, each easily adaptable to reflect your policy and business needs.

Highlight compliance using an extensive audit database

Dataket Reporting uses rich and efficient data to provide a structured audit database with a powerful analysis toolset, quick assessment of current status and trends, and the option to drill down to provide more detailed information as needed.

Analyze your user behavior

Classifier Reporting’s forensic queries let you examine key data to uncover and address factors such as unusual user behavior, as well as use timeline analysis to highlight behavior patterns and identify insider threats.

Extend and integrate your reports

An audit database forms the core of the Classifier Reporting System, with a clear schema that allows you to easily extract structured data into other analysis tools such as SIEM and predictive analytics engines.

Reporting Interface

Allows you to detect anomalies,

Provides tracking and improvement opportunities according to your statistical data in all your systems,

It draws attention to your weaknesses in these areas by presenting statistical data based on Domain and End User,

By providing statistical data on the criticality of your documents in your systems, it allows you to determine your focal points correctly,

It provides data that will enlighten us while determining/improving your Information Security policies.