Organizations have serious difficulties in controlling sensitive data coming from different electronic media and in different formats (Image files, PDFs) and expanding rapidly. It was inevitable to find a common solution against the risk of leaking all these data in different formats. With the Veriket File Classifier, it offers a consistent and integrative solution by tagging files in different formats. It does this by processing the classification levels of the files into the metadata within the files. With this information, documents are protected against data loss. At the same time, it becomes an important part of a holistic solution by interacting with different security solutions. Apart from Ms Office Documents, it also offers a wide range of documents by tagging documents in different formats.

Some File Formats Supported:

Pdf, Txt, Rar, Zip ,7Zip, Mp4, Mp3, Avi, Jpg, Jpeg, Png, Gif, Exe, Bat, Msi, Udf, Ms Office Files, Libre Office Files, Open Office Files and all file formats including.

Easy Labeling

Quick Classification

High Performance

Compliance with ISO 27001,SOX,KVKK/GDPR


  • Makes Users part of Security
  • Increases User Awareness
  • Increases the effectiveness of Security Policies
  • Provides/directs infrastructure to Security Solutions
  • Allows analysis with statistical data
Ready Classification Level
Policy Template

Easy Classify

Veriket is integrated into Windows File Explorer, allowing users to easily tag files using the right-click menu. 2-level classification can be made in the classification interface. Each level can be given special color codes.

Quick Classification

It is possible to label by specifying the scope and class level with a single click on the file. This process can be done separately for each file, or it can be done collectively over a single folder.

Increases User Awareness

File Classifier tags files by adding a hidden metadata. Tagged files can be distinguished by the V icon on it. In the menu that opens by right-clicking on the tagged file, the scope and class of the file and the color marker appear. If the file is not tagged, no flag is displayed.

By processing the metadata on the file, the file is integrated with different security products and end-to-end security policies can be applied. Tagged files exhibit the same behavior in different location or environment.

Veriket File Classifier

Classifier Ribbon

Veriket File Classifier



Compliance With Regulations

It provides compliance with standards such as ISO 27001, GDPR / KVKK, PCI / DSS, SOX and data security standards.

Controls Your Users Compliance With Security Policies

You can create a policy specific to any classification level and apply or give preference to all your users or to specific departments, groups and users.
You can increase the awareness of your users by adding information or guidance messages to these policies.


Position Your Security Solutions Correctly

It is automatically recognized by other DLP systems and security solutions thanks to the metadata added by the Veriket File Classifier.
False Positive minimizes your mistakes. The tagging actions of your users and their compliance with the policies are reported according to different metrics in the Management Console, and it detects important data for the development of your Security Policies and creating a Roadmap. It allows you to create an accurate security strategy in the light of this data.