In institutions; There is a dramatic increase in the amount of unstructured data being created and the amount of data shared by its employees. While this data is created with Microsoft Office ©, it is vital to have appropriate security controls in place to deal with the risk of uncontrolled distribution. Parallel to the increasing risk of data loss and the need to protect sensitive documents, Veriket Office Classifier offers effective solutions in this context.

It guides the users to the application with the relevant visual tags, tagging their documents and ensuring the implementation of the corporate security policies. Labeling plug-ins for applications in Microsoft are exclusive to the Office © suite; Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook.

Classifier tags provide infrastructure for an organization’s use and release of documents, automatic recall, and other protective technologies such as rights management.

Quick Action

Flexible Integration Infrastructure

High performance

Compliance ISO 27001, SOX, KVKK/GDPR


  • Makes Users part of Security
  • Increases User Awareness
  • Increases the effectiveness of Security Policies
  • Provides/directs infrastructure to Security Solutions
  • Allows analysis with statistical data
Ready Classification Levels
End Users
Active Policy

Simple Label Selection

Classification label selections are made with the Veriket Office Ribbon tool. Users are guided by the Office ribbon bar interface, which has a fully customizable range.

Office ribbon bar; It is designed for users to label different options, reduce complexity and make the right choice easily.

Quick Classification

It provides users with a simple collection of 2-level buttons. You only need one click to classify Office document.

Increases User Awareness

Visual Marking

Visual cues are applied to the content of the document. You can customize the formatting, location, and syntax.

Metadata Markup

Classifications are saved as metadata in it. Integration with other programs such as Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs can be provided.

Veriket Office

Classifier Ribbon

Microsoft Office

Veriket Office Classifier Ribbon



Increases the Effectiveness of Security Policies

Due to security policies, you can require your users to classify some or all documents. Or you can automatically enforce your policies. You can warn when the user selects an unsuitable tag and force them to make the right choice.

It provides infrastructure for solutions that use classified metadata to increase the accuracy of Data Loss Prevention (DLP) programs, and ensures proper management. It reduces the number of False/Positive records.

Office Classifier

Audit and Reporting

It records classification events to support auditing and provides management reporting to better target user behavior and security.

Veriket Office Classifier includes all necessary tools for users to classify documents with a simple and easy interface at the point of creation. The classifier integrates seamlessly with day-to-day applications, protecting against accidental or malicious data loss with document creation/update/deletion.

Easy application-specific interface can be completely customized to the organization.